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Sunday, July 30, 2006


Since my baby left me
(badadada dum)
My world is in a haze
(badadada dum)
Those dudes in all white lab coats
Got me runnin through a maze

I got the rat blues
The gol'dang rat blues
The stepped in a trap blues
The here comes the cat blues

Oh baby please tell me
(badadada dum)
What am I s'posed to do
(badadada dum)
How much cheese does it take now
For me to get over you


Yeah, ok, so maybe Lady Macbeth isn't the best idea for a children's book illustration submission. Not that I'm submitting anything. I don't really know how that world works. But something tells me a rat singing the blues is more appropriate than a bloody and crazed lady. But maybe I'm wrong. Like I said, I don't know much about the children's book illustration business. If you, dear reader, have any advice/hints/money to give, let me know in the comments.

Anyway, here's a little rat-tacular musical pic your your amusement. Are you amused? I hope so. Because I was really trying to stay away from horrified this time.

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Amy Zaleski said...

Hehe, made me laugh. Lab rats have every right to sing the blues. I like this little character a lot.

uvor said...

Great Illu and great Lyrics! I could hear the harp and the guitar on it!
2 days ago I had some rats trapped, because my cats are too lazy :)
Regards, Uli.

uvor said...

And I passed the rats to them, they looked at me as they would say: How did you bloody thumb two-legged monster figured this out? This is our business, pass the snacks over! Grrrr!

DEW said...

This is just great - put a big smile on my face - after melting all day today! THANKS!

~Gina said...

He is so cute! I love rats! (domestic)

susanna said...

Badada dum! Yeah! If ever that was a rat to sing the blues, this one would be it. Good work. You made me smile this morning. :)

ian russell said...

i like this guy!