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Sunday, July 23, 2006


To maximize my bid-ability, I'm providing two - YES, TWO - interpretations to this disturbing little ditty. The first one is what was going through my frantic and paranoid cranium as I was sketching the thing:

He was lonely, and went to the river to be baptised so he could feel like a part of something larger than himself. As he stood in the river, a bright light came from above and filled him with unspeakable bliss. But in reality, the light was behind him. And the river was a road. His lonliness was about to end in a messy way.

OK, so that was morbid and probably indicative of my need to be institutionalized. I showed the pic to the wife without revealing my sicko thoughts, and she said (here's the second interpretation):

You see? You've got to pay attention when they say there's a flash-flood warning. He probably thought he was jumping over a little puddle, and now look at him. Watch the Weather Channel, people! Geez!

So pick whichever interpretation that will make you want to bid more. Or pick something else entirely. I'm flexible.


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