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Monday, July 10, 2006


Me, me, me. I can't stop painting my self portrait now that I've started. It's so... gratifying.

I must tell, you, the wife is none to pleased with these incredibly sexy images of me on ebay. She's quite concerned that I shall start receiving solicitations from women with impeccable taste. I can't say that I blame her. Look at me!

This is an image of me as I prepare to paint an aceo. I go down the the banks of the lake, and strip down to my pantaloons (no bells, no vest). The pencil moustache just wasn't edgy/tribal enough for me, so I stuck it through my nose. Painful, yes, but aesthetically superior. I bear the necklace of the shrunken head of former aceo competitor, Mick Reasor (mreas). This helps me summon his superior shading techniques. And then, I SING:

Je. suis. un artiste
Tres. sexy to say the least
Like some primal hairy beast
Devouring paint like it's a feast

Hammy, hommy, dippy do dee
Fie fie nippy flippy zip po fee
I paint for you
You bid for me
Help me pay that ebay fee!

To purchase this picture, click here.

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