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Wednesday, July 05, 2006


In honor of my highest earning aceo, BLUEGRASS BLISTERS, I've posted the pic that inspired it. The fellas on stage are the group, Chatham County Line.

So what does it all mean? A few observations:

1. I think I got a lot of "new guy" views at the beginning. I posted on the "introduce yourself" thread on the aceo forum at ebay.

2. People like skulls. I think mi favorito was priced a little too high - I might try relisting at 0.99 and see what happens.

3. I can't predict what people go for. I thought mi favorito, toltec warrior, and certainly junior and me would at least sell. I was REALLY surprised that junior and me had so few views: 24. I figured anything with NASCAR in the title would get at least a look-see.

4. I'm batting about .500. Not sure how this stacks up with other sellers. If I get a better sell-thru, and if the avg $$ goes up a bit, I'll start earning on the right side of zero.

5. I haven't noticed a pattern in style popularity. Do you?

6. Regardless of the numbers, I feel I'm definately getting better. I'm also enjoying myself.

Well, meeting adjourned. Let's go get some tacos.

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