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Monday, June 19, 2006


All the BBQ
Begins to cook today
Listenin' to Mike Cross
Sing the night away
Well I sat down on my butt
Dang that man can play

Carolina Singin'
On such a lovely day

The lady and I went to Hog Day in the lovely little town of Hillsborough this past weekend to watch the BBQ competitors start their cookin' and the bluegrass singers start their pluckin'. One of the singers was Mike Cross, a singer/storyteller hybrid. He was a lot of fun, and good ACEO material. He told the crowd one particularly beautiful song, 'Carolina Callin,' was written when on the road in L.A. and was homesick. After talking to a friend back home, the idea for this song hit him so hard his wife could see the lightbulb over his head. I'm going to draw that, I said to myself. So here it is.

The funny thing is, I don't think he ever played the banjo, the istrument I drew/painted. 6 string guitar, 12 string guitar, fiddle, air drums, air electric guitar, but no banjo. Oops. Oh well.

(No sale. Gifted, though. Too bad for you.)

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