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Friday, June 23, 2006


What's this? Open borders AND a NASCAR fan? That's right, baby. Don't try to fit me in a box. No, seriously. Don't. I'm claustophobic. If you need me to explain the appeal of 43 drivers all going as fast as they can inches away from each other, well, as the poets say, I can't do nothin' for ya, man.

Now, I tried not to be a Jr. fan. It was too easy - everybody likes Dale. I'm more of a great-driver-under-who-doesn't-get-his-props kind of fan, ie, a Kenseth fan. But Dale is one funny dude. Of all the drivers, he's the one you'd most want to hang out with. Gordon is uptight, Stewart is weird (he has a pet monkey, for crying out loud), Kahne would steal your girlfriend, and Biffle, um... his name is Biffle. I can't help it. I'll always root for Junior at least a little bit.

To bid, go here.

(Where all my NASCAR peeps at? No sale again. Methinks this new style is unpopular. Maybe it's time to move on.)

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