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Thursday, June 08, 2006


Here is number two of three of the pre-art class harmoniousjosh. We're talking owning a piece of history here, people. I will never be the same. Last night I dramatically improved my shading technique. What's next? THE WORLD, PINKY. THE WORLD.

TRIPPIN CHICKEN is what started the whole outline thing. Basically I drew a chicken (it was supposed to be a rooster, but it ended up chicken-y), was proud of what I wrought, but couldn't figure out what to do for the background. I didn't want to do the ol' pastoral game. I tried some blotchy watercolor, which you can see if you look closely, but it was still too blah-se. No, this chicken needed something special, like shades of blue outlines. Ooh, trippy, I thought. I like. Cluck, dude.

(No bidders. Aw, cluck. If you would like to purchase this, let me know and I'll relist it on ebay.)

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