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Wednesday, June 07, 2006


Today I thought I would venture back into the world of pencils again. For inspiration, I used the business card of a tattoo artist I know. That's where the raven on a skull came from, not the red house with trees. A red house with trees would make for quite possibly the lamest tattoo business card EVER. Or maybe not - maybe that should be my next challenge: to draw a red house with trees worthy of a tattoo artists' business card.

Back to the picture at hand: I think the raven and skull turned out rather nice. The red house and trees were put in as background, but I ended up kind of liking it. I almost wish I drew two ravens, one with a pitch fork and glasses, the other with it's hair tied back. In fact, if you look at the classic picture, AMERICAN GOTHIC, you'll see a red barn in the background. That, I decided just now, is where this raven is sitting on the skull. You'll never look at that painting the same way again. Cool.


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