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Saturday, June 10, 2006


Just so we're all clear - I'm working in real time now. There are no other ACEOs in my collection that I'm sitting on to sell later. I finished this one about ten minutes ago. And I'm pleased as punch (hardy har har) at the results.

If you ever watch boxing on TV, you will undoubtedly hear one of the commentators say something like 'If he goes to the body, the head will follow.' Punching the body wears out an opponent, and in my opinion, hurts much much worse than getting hit on the head. It's also a larger target that doesn't move as much. Some fighters, like the the legendery Julio Cesar Chavez and the crowd-pleasing Micky Ward, specialize in the left hook to the body. The smart fighter always practices this punch.

This ACEO is based on a picture I took at the gym I went to in Brooklyn. The image was actually taken from a sparring match, but I was having too much trouble trying to draw the guy about to be hit. So he was replaced with a heavybag. Usually, being the heavybag was my job.

(No bidders. Crapola. If you would like to purchase this, let me know and I'll relist it on ebay.)

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