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Wednesday, June 07, 2006


PEACE DUDETTE was enraged that I was selling her. After lecturing me on the evils of capitalism (I, ever the gentleman, listened politely), she finally got around to the real reason for her rage: she didn't want to be sold for a penny. Deciding not to point out her hypocrisy, I enthusiastically agreed, and raised the starting bid for PEACE DUDETTE to 1.99.

OK, I may be nuts, but not so nuts that I actually have economic debates with my ACEOs. Yet. Give me time.

My decision to raise the starting price was based on the helpful advice of one of the ACEO community members. Ebay, like life, is an experiment. I shall continue to do so until the nanny state deems it unhealthy/immoral and sends a SWAT team after me.


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