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Tuesday, August 01, 2006


I've been reading some art books about watercoloring. Because I clearly think too highly of myself, I started with how-tos for intermediate levels. I understand most of it, well, ok, some of it, but one thing I don't fully grock: Cohesion. Apparently, cohesion is discussed in the books prior to the ones I'm reading. Since I'm in an experimental mood, I thought I'd try better understanding cohesion by creating the opposite. Bizarro cohesion, if you will. Cohesion in a world where Superman is the bad guy.

So, I illustrated with a cartoon style, used a wash with a big brush for some parts, a dry brush for others, added a little nutmeg, and voila! This cool little ditty.

Yes, I've been using ditty alot. It's my new obsessive word. Bear with me, it won't last forever.

So do I understand cohesion any better? Not really. But I like this result of my attempt at self-education, and I hope you do too. Bid here.

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