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Tuesday, August 15, 2006


Here we are, continuing along the path on our way to breakfast. This is me. Why am I so colorless, you ask? Because I'm hungry. That's why I'm going to Herbie's. If you're not hungry, you have no business going there.

So this is my second listing this week that involves a picture of me. Am I becoming too self-absorbed? Or am I just self-absorbed enough? What is the perfect degree of self-absorbtion?

Anyway, here's a groovy little pic for your viewing enjoyment. Coming up next in this series: the building, maybe a waitress (she'll have to check with her agent, first. All waitresses have agents, right? They did in NYC), and the food. Mmm, good times.

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april said...

It's not so much the lack of color as it is the striking and disturbing resemblance to one George Herbert Walker Bush Sr. What's the setting again, Josh? Texas?

harmoniousjosh said...

OK, I'm going to shoot myself now. Thanks, April.

harmoniousjosh said...

OK, I take that back. I won't shoot myself. That wouldn't be prudent.