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Saturday, August 12, 2006


So the IT
folks are taking a little break, leaving the inspiration thing up to us. I'm not good at these things. Here are their questions, which lead to this AMAZING self-portrait:

1. What inspires me? I dunno.
2. Do I need to shake up my art? Uh, sure. I guess.
3. What is my passion? OK, that's an easy one. Ice cream. Wait... no... BBQ. Wait... no... this is an art blog... I gotta say something artistic... Neo-post-classical-modern-expressionism. And purty colors.
4.What are my favorite things about creating? Geez, don't know.
5. Least favorite? Man, I...
6. Why do I create? Aaaaargh!
7. Why am I an artist? Because, okay? Just because!
8. How do I describe my art? Stuff on paper. That's about it.
9. What are my goals? To attain a secure and responsible position within this organization. That one was easy - I just went on some job interviews.
10. My dreams? Can't say - I'm sleeping when that happens.

Whew. That was tough. I hope they get back from vacation soon. This line of questioning apparently turned my hair blue. And made my ears bigger - my ears are actually rather small. And you know what they say about guys with small ears. What? Could you repeat that?


Joy Eliz said...


kerrip said...

very, very funny. great self portrait

Anonymous said...

I too hate questions also questionaire forms.

I can see by the picture you have good teeth and look good in blue. So eating ice cream was beneficial and the blue hair complimentary.

That's it.

Loca said...

Your answers were great, but I couldn't answer them all... not so inspired today.
Love your blue hair.

Suzie Q said...

Brilliant! Thanks for the laughs :)

melanienyc said...

soo funny!