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Saturday, August 19, 2006


Glad to see some cyclists enjoy my bike pics. I would be chagrined to learn otherwise.

If anyone is interested in getting prints, or would like me to paint something for you (I'm really cheap), let me know in the comments. I usually sell on ebay, but will be setting up a papal paypal (thanks, Mick, you're a great proofreader) account where you can buy things on the site. Or I might upgrade my cafepress account so I can add more images. Or, I might give zazzle a shot. Or I might put some cans of beans in a bag at the end of a stick and ride the rails like a hobo. Who knows.

Anyway, I ride a '80s Fuji touring bike frame with a fixed set up. I use front brakes because my wife makes me. Actually, I'm too lazy to rely on my legs to do all the stopping, but the wife provides a nice cover for my lack of manliness.


scarecrow said...

Good one!!
I have seen this face on many a long climb. The poor souls continue the climb, long after they have passed into the next world.


harmoniousjosh said...

If my cycling friends were cruel, they would be justified in giving me the nickname The Bonker.

discourteousmick said...

Congratulations on your elevation to the throne of St. Peter. Let me know when that PAPAL account is established. You selling indulgences on ebay now?

harmoniousjosh said...

Why, thanks, Mick.

If you want indulgences, let's skip the ebay listing and transaction fees altogether - send me a check and I'll reply with one securely packaged indulgence.

Bron Smith said...

I really like your off beat, colorful drawing style.