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Friday, August 25, 2006


Ah, look at this happy, healthy individual. Sure, he could be watching tv on the couch, enjoying a bowl of ice-cream with cheetohs sprinkled on top, feeling a little more gravitational pull. But why would he want that? Look at the joy in his face!

As he looks at his watch, he realizes he did not enjoy his run enough - he is running out of time to meet his goal! He must run faster! That will make him healthier, pushing his knee joints and cardiovascular system to the brink. If you're not risking injury, you're not being healthy. If you're not thoroughly emaciated, you're a threat to yourself and the entire health system.

Run yourself into bankruptcy here.


Princess Pepper Cloud said...

Here's to cheesey doodles and Pepsi... Cheers!

Jana Bouc said...

Reminds me of the last time I went running (with "last" being the operative word). You really captured the unjoy of running!

harmoniousjosh said...

I actually enjoy running, but I'm a little masochistic. I've got no illusions that the activity is "healthy." You're better off on the couch.

Babe in the Woods said...

I had back surgery many years ago and was told I couldn't jog but I could do arobics. Well the doctor obviously didn't know what arobics was. So as soon as I could I went for dancercize. It was slow and it had a beat and I gave it a 60. Now I go to the Y and use weights. I agree with exercise, ya just got to find your fun.

Now, please pass the chocolate syrup for my ice cream. Thanks


Babe in the Woods said...

I loved your story and the pic
many giggles