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Friday, August 18, 2006


Boxing. It's a messy business. Frankly, what goes on in the ring is the cleanest part of it. Hit, don't get hit. That's pretty much it. It's outside the ring where most of the damage is done.

First, there's making weight, which is just a nice way of saying starving yourself. For kids in the amateurs and golden gloves, that means starvation at a time of major growth.

Then there's the politics of sparring partners. Trainers lie to other trainers about their fighter's abilities, hiding their skills. so when they get in the ring with a supposed equal, their fighter looks really good.

Then there's racism. No explaination needed.

You're also dealing with a lot of kids who have very tough choices in life. Gangs seem like they provide a more secure and fulfilling life structure than other options.

But at the same time, the gym is like a team. If you're in, you're part of a family (like a gang, I guess. Only you can leave without reprocussions). You help eachother out.

And then you step in the ring. All that other stuff doesn't exist anymore. You are alone. You are tested on your own merits, no excuses. Sometimes you're having a good day. Sometimes, not so good. Doesn't matter. Hit and don't get hit.

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Joy Eliz said...

Nice take on 'match'!

Babe in the Woods said...

Hey Josh, you seem to know a lot about this boxing thing. Ever do it yourself?

That's some picture.
The guy swinging the punch looks kinda like he has a skull head, does that make sense?, anyway I think your illo matches the story.

Very good

harmoniousjosh said...

Thanks, babe in the woods.

When I lived in Brooklyn, I was a boxing gym rat. For a while me and my trainer entertained the idea of entering me in the Golden Gloves, even though I was relatively old (29 at the time). I sparred a lot with, well, just about anyone. From kids to pros (I was safer with the pros). Eventually I started training others.

Thinking about it now, hundreds of miles away, it was quite an experience. At the time it seemed normal.

Of course, at the time, the idea of me being an artist in any way, shape or form would have seemed ridiculous. Life's like that, I guess.

Gabrielle said...

Nice sweaty, dark colours. I like how the lights look dazzling.

bill zeman said...

intense picture - well done

Princess Pepper Cloud said...

Hi Harmonious Josh,
Love your use of color here to really set the mood. Your prose is melancholy like the painting.