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Tuesday, August 22, 2006


Ferdinand was a jealous man. He was jealous of the men who married Rita Hayworth. It has been said by none other than Rita herself that men never loved her - they loved Gilda (the main character of the classic movie with the same name). But not Ferdinand. He loved Rita. And that is the worst kind of jealousy - to covet something you can't have, and is not appreciated by those who do have.

The thing is, Rita probably wouldn't love a man who wasn't in love with Gilda. Life is a cruel Catch-22 sometimes.

Of course, being all scary looking didn't do Ferdinand any favors, either.

Spend some green here.


scarecrow said...

Dang! Such a problem!


Babe in the Woods said...

You have captured the emotion in Ferdinands face and of course "green with envy" perfectly. I hope you are selling your art, I want you to keep buying supplies and gracing us with your talent.

What paints do you use? I am still trying to hone my abilities with a medium but I think mine still looks like childs art.


Babe in the Woods said...

Oops, thats


Just got up

harmoniousjosh said...

Most of them sell, but not for very much. It covers my supply costs. I'm just doing it for the compliments, and you're all paid up, Baba er... Babe.

Seriously, though, thanks. I've been using watercolors, gouache, and lately acrylics. I usually use whatever paint I most recently bought, so I'm not really trying to perfect any one medium so much as trying to get images to look three dimensional and cool.

I noticed a dramatic improvement in how I thought my paintings looked once I started spending a lot of effort on shading.