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Thursday, August 03, 2006


Last night's class we jumped into the treacherous waters of drawing/painting eachother.

So here is one of my classmates, who is actually much prettier than I depict here. She is in person much happier looking, too. She said she liked it all the same. That was polite of her. She did make me promise, however, that I wouldn't sell it on ebay.

In my defense, I wasn't really going for an exact depiction of what she looks like so much as getting the highlights and shading right. That part I'm pretty pleased with. I need a lot more practice, though. The thing about that is non-goofy stuff like this doesn't sell well for me on ebay, as I'm so out-classed in this area. I have to be disciplined and practice this technique for the sole sake of getting better without the positive reinforcement of ebay bids. It's like my current guitar situation. I want to play the songs I like, but have to force myself to do scales et al so I can play what I like better.

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