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Thursday, August 03, 2006


One of our concerns when the wife and I moved from Brooklyn to Greensboro was whether we'd ever walk again. Not that the move did anything to our legs, mind you. It's just that now we have a car, and things are farther away. Fortunately, there's a wooded path that leads right to a great little diner called Herbie's.

It makes for a great Saturday morning stroll. Lots of trees, cardinals and bluejays fighting epic battles, squirrels and chipmunks competing in the "Who's Cuter" contest, fawns prancing, the seven dwarves whistling, bunnies hopping, the whole kit n' kaboodle.

Also note the Mrs with her nice purse and sweater. I'm going for the country vs city contrast that exists in reality.

Herbie's, by the way, is awesome. We easily put back all the calories we lose on the walk over. As it should be.

Want it? You know what to do.

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