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Friday, December 15, 2006


Someone, please. Help this poor kitty.

The owner refuses to trim this cat's nails because of one incredibly misguided reason: LONG NAILS SELL ART.

Think I'm kidding? Get on eBay and watch this item. Go ahead. Don't even bid, if you can control yourself. And this kitty suffers for it. He used to tread upon soft, cushy carpet, but his claws scratched it all away to the wood floor. Now his toes are cold in the morning. Way to go, cruel art collectors.

There is a way to save this kitty, of course. You could win the auction and give him a trim. Be warned, however: there are ne'er-do-wells about who wish to own this kitty themselves, just to bask in the glorious length of his nails. Make sure you have plenty of cashola in your paypal account.

And look here! Art to buy!

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JoE said...

she sure needs some help, seriously.

studio lolo said...

I'll help her! I did 4 cat nail trims this weekend. I guess I'm a kitty-helper.

Nice illo, even so!