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Saturday, December 09, 2006


I recently went to go see Doc Watson in concert. This is not Doc, obviously. Only inspired by his flat-picking genius.

I went to the bar at the concert and asked for a Scott Adams. Scott Adams is the author of the comic strip, Dilbert. He has an excellent blog, at which I've apparently been spending too much time. He does not lend his name to any beer labels that neither I nor the bartender are aware of. Once we figured out my error, the rest of the transaction went smoothly.

And look here! Art to buy!

Need more wittyness and birdwatching excitement? Click this VERY SENTENCE.


Tony LaRocca said...

I could use a bottle of Scott Adams right now. You're right- his blog is fantastic.

whitebox weddings said...

Josh- I want to buy this ACEO but I didn't see it on ebay. Is it gone? I'm working on a small collection here. Any more music ones in the works ?