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Saturday, December 23, 2006


Another tree. Just doing my part for Mother EarthTM.

Of course, I'm painting on paper, which comes from trees. With a brush with a wooden handle. Should I feel guilty? No. But that's another economics rant for another day. I'll talk about another hippie topic instead: PEACE.

Peace is acting without violence. Millions of people worked together peacefully to create this tree aceo. How did that happen? Trees were harvested to make the aforementioned paper and paint brush. Groups of people worked together to make the synthetic brush hairs, other groups got the metals out of the earth to make the thingy that holds the hairs in, still others put the brush together.

The paints were made in China by an English company. I've never been to either countries.

I bought the paper from someone on eBay, who I've never actually met. I bought the paint at a local store that offers me more art supplies I would ever know what to do with.

I'll (hopefully) sell this aceo to a customer who shall reap the rewards of millions of people's efforts. Millions of people, working together, without planning, in peace.

Hat tip to the late Milton Friedman, who describes this process better than I in his essay, I, Pencil.

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Nicole said...

Your illustration is very peaceful, in spite of your photo... I forgot, you are "Harmonious Josh" and the harmonie is the result of the fight beteewn the opposites...(excuse my bad English!)

studio lolo said...

interesting commentary...and I like the tree but it reminds me of something. What...a feeling? It's a bit unsettling for some reason, but I still like it. Does that make sense?!