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Friday, December 01, 2006

Look, "Cezanne," if that is you're real name (sounds French to me), don't make me send my wild pack of lawyers after you. Here is my painting:

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and here is what I find floating around the internets under YOUR supposed name:

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You. Me. Playground. After school. Bring your lunch money.

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And look here! Art to buy!

Need more wittyness and birdwatching excitement? Click this VERY SENTENCE.


isay said...

someone copied your artwork?

anyway, great artworks. i have enjoyed visiting your site and your posts made me smile, too.

harmoniousjosh said...

Oh - no. Sometimes I try to be funny, but fail spectacularly.

Cezanne is a famous painter from the later 1800's, in between impressionism and cubism. Google him - he's one of the best.

I like to try to copy the "Masters" to try to understand this whole painting thing a little better. I think it helps me improve.

Alina Chau said...

beautiful painting study!!

Tony LaRocca said...

I still think you should sue. He obviously traveled to the future & stole your ideas. Time travel is a vicious cycle.