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Sunday, March 18, 2007


Please note my support for Percy Walker's run for Congress on my sidebar. Normally I don't do the voting thing, as I find the majority to be wrong about everything. But, he said he'll get the Weatherspoon Art Museum to have a show featuring ME if I add his banner to my site.

So click on his picture to learn his political blah blah blah. I want trendy people sipping boxed wine as they mill about my tiny art, commenting approvingly.

Well, Percy Hater, what do you have to say about that? The ball is in your court. You know that a PW HJ alliance will pave a smooth road to Congress. No amount of ACEO defacing can stop us now.

LOOK! Pretty shiny things to buy @ NUTMEGNINE.COM!

And look here! Art to buy!

Need more wittyness and birdwatching excitement? Click this VERY SENTENCE.

1 comment:

Percy Walker said...

Will a trendy person drink boxed wine? We shall see.