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Saturday, March 24, 2007


Uh oh, look who's discovered India Ink and the Bamboo Reed Pen.

Me. Stop looking.

Here's my first go at it - a bird of prey finding it's next meal. See that little dot in the upper left corner? Dinner.

The fast bird flies by
To find it's next meal
No matter how high
Good eyes, great deal.

Poor little rabbit
Oblivious below
The fast bird shall nab it
Bunny blood will flow.

Nature is vicious
Don't think I am cruel
The rabbit, delicous!
The fast bird needs fuel.

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the heartful blogger said...

Bunny blood aside, I really enjoyed this post. Love your drawing too. Ink and bamboo reed rock.

studio lolo said...

Love the drawing and poem. Survival of the fittest right? The dot is awesome for indicating distance and prey. You got me! And we both did poems about dinner, of sorts :)