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Wednesday, March 28, 2007


I'm late for Illustration Friday this week, but I feel a need to make a last minute contribution. So I'll make one slight alteration to make it applicable:

The Belly Punker dances. Not for money, but for the SNAPs of beatniks.

OK, weak, I know. I'll be better next time.


As you can tell, I'm enjoying working with the India Ink and Bamboo Brush. So much so I had to visit an old friend, The Belly Punker. Note, too, how I composed this piece with an "X" shape theme. The aceo is divided into four triangles, giving the viewer a sense of order, juxtaposing the chaotic Id that is The Belly Punker. Upon closer inspection, of course, the "X" is askew, surely a comment on the whimsy of the artist (that is I). Continuing on the Balance vs Chaos theme, the shadow that makes up the lower right hand corner combines with the light in the upper right to create a sort of Yin Yang symbol.

Also note the subtle Pencil Moustache, itself in compete shadow. Does the artist wish to convey a sense of absence? A void of the familiar, some dark matter that has swallowed up humankind's meager attempts at creating a substance to style like a black hole does entire stars only to spit it out on the "other side" (wherever that is)?

Or did the artist use too thick of a brush stroke?

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studio lolo said...

Your explanation is hilarious! The illo is fun. The "X" works for me. I love the hairs sticking out on and under his arms. Nice touch! I'm seriously thinking of getting into ACEO's. I just need to find the time because I'd like to list them on Ebay. I don't know.