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Tuesday, March 20, 2007


I suppose you could say this sparrow is"reflecting" in the mossy water. You could. But if you look close, this little dude has a distant look in his eye. Permit me a little anthropomorphization (one of my favorite words. Look it up): he's reflecting on his life thus far, wondering where the time went. Life is short, especially for a little bird. And harsh if you're not rare. Why couldn't I have been an ivory-billed woodpecker, or better yet, a resplendent quetzal? If you cut me, do I not bleed? asks the sparrow. Alas, he's experiencing life as what some would call a Junk Bird. Harsh indeed.

Or perhaps I'm projecting. The sparrow is probably looking at a bug, saying "mmm. Food."

And just to show I do sometimes paint before ink, here's a Work In Progress pic:
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AKlarer said...

Comparing the lowly sparrow to an ivory billed woodpecker? The sparrow is a junk bird compared to the Holy Grail IBWO? Hmmm - Junk Bond Trader vs. the Hedge Fund Manager. There's something to be said for the Junk Bird. They have persisted for aeons. How many Holy Grail birds exist today? Even under constant scrutinization, where is the proof? Nada! Reflect upon that!

harmoniousjosh said...

Ah, aklarer, you read my mind. Personally, I love the junk birds.

mel said...

Is this one sold? If not, can I buy it?

harmoniousjosh said...

Yes, it was sold to my usual bird patron. Since it's your birthday week, I'll gladly make you a print.

mel said...

I guess I didn't totally read the whole post, I was just looking at the pics. So typical :)

I just realized that the bird in silhouette was the work in progress.
I like it that way- it looks cool! Thanks for my banjo ACEO!