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Sunday, April 15, 2007


Rooster Hanshaw plays a mean guitar. He's not a pro - pro guitar player anyway. He IS a pro auto mechanic. He just plays his guitar to get the sounds of drilling and revving out of his head.

He also has another hobby, one that no one knows about. He's not ashamed, mind you. He just knows no one would understand and he doesn't want to try to explain anyway.

He has a blog with his essays on the intricacies of Austrian Economics.

That's right. This dude from the mountains of western North Carolina engages in flame wars with both loony lefties from the left coast to wretched righties from the right. To them, he's a professor type from George Mason University who wears crooked glasses and a suit. They don't see his greased-stained keyboard. Or know that his friends call him Rooster.

And when the computer screen ceases to amuse, he goes back staining the frets with car guts.

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Patois said...

Fabulous post. Enjoyed it very much. Whoever wrote it. And whatever else you do.