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Tuesday, April 10, 2007


Here's a close-up:
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My sweetheart is gone and I'm so lonesome
She said that she and I were through
I started drinkin for a pastime
Drivin nails in my coffin over you.

I'm just drivin nails in my coffin
Every time I drink a bottle of booze.
I'm just drivin nails in my coffin
Drivin' those nails over you.

Now ever since the day that we parted
I've felt so sad and so blue.
I can't help thinkin about her,
And I just can't quit drinkin' that old booze

--Jerry Irby

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Cherie said...

HJ you are really doing swell, well I mean GREAT!

I love your 'guys playin' music' series...very cool!

I think you need the list of the worst country song titles ever of which is:

'Take yer tongue outta my mouth cuz I'm kissin' you goodbye'

LOL...I got a whole list of 'em if ya want DANGED funny!!

Hope your wife is doing well with NutMeg!


Tony LaRocca said...

My grandfather had a friend we called "Grandpa Harry." He had an electric mandolin as well, and an amp bigger than he was. Thanks for the illo that reminded me!