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Saturday, April 14, 2007



I had the fortune to see a great horned owl the other day.

The wife and I were walking the dog in the park and heard some crows going crazy. They were mobbing something. Looking up in a tree, we saw the crows hurling their anger at a nonplussed great horned owl. We ran back to the apartment to get the camera. Zooming in, the owl was looking right at us. Very spooky.

Did you know that a great horned owl has enough claw strength to take your face off?

Anyway, here's an ACEO to commemorate the event.

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the enigma said...

it's a great drawing, great emotion of the crow, and great textures too!

ElizT said...

Thanks for the tip; great image.

studio lolo said...

Whoa...lucky you!! I love birds of prey. And crows too. I painted one for this week as well. Love the ACEO!