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Wednesday, April 18, 2007


There's a great restaurant called Hillbilly Hideaway. It's one of those one meal on the menu style places. They also have music in the barn out back (NO DANCING, DRINKING, OR CUSSING). There's an old man who I believe owns/previously owned the place singing in the barn every time we go. He'll forget words, sing a little off key, the usual stuff that will get you kicked of American Idol, but he's very entertaining. That's who I was trying to draw.

Instead, this crazy looking dude is what materialized. Funny how life can be.

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Need more wittyness and birdwatching excitement? Click this VERY SENTENCE.


eric said...

Hillbilly Hideaway sounds like a great place. Where is it (if you don't mind giving away the hideaway)?

harmoniousjosh said...

There's the link to the cached site. Looks like they let their domain expire...

But yeah, it's a great place. You should definitely check it out.

Just don't eat the day before to make room. And cancel dinner plans for a few days after.

David Boyd said...

You found a gem. Love that place.

imwithsully said...

This is a great piece! I like the linework that you do. Very organic. There was a place like that in Savannah. It was a lovely place where you could get hush puppies dipped in pure butter and banjos in the background.