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Thursday, September 07, 2006

UPDATE: What perfect timing! Illustration Friday's theme this week is "farm." Who doesn't love a two-fer?

First ACEOp Fable:


My summary: dying father tricks his sons, saying there's something special buried in the vineyard. In reality, he just wanted them to till the field, which they did unintentionally while digging around. It's supposed to be a moral about the value of hard work. I just don't understand why the father couldn't just say, "hey. Till the field. The grapes will grow better." I guess you could say the sons were lucky, in that most get-rich quick schemes don't deliver. At least they turned a profit, albeit inadvertantly.

Anyway, here's one of the sons digging around. The other one is off on a Pepsi break.

In order to give you perspective of the size of an ACEO, I introduce:

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Kimmi said...

Awesome! I love the play on words (ACEOp) and can't wait to see all the fables done HarmoniousJosh-style!

Michelle Lana said...

very cool!

Mick said...

I don't know...I liked it better when you put MY art on your blog...why is that guy wearing clothes?

ValGalArt said...

yer funny! love this and the story!!!

James Pyrich said...

I have heard of a joke that runs somewhat similar:

An old Italian man loves to work in his garden, but as the years wore on, he had to rely more and more on his son for help.

One year, his son lived far away. The father sent a letter to his son:

"Dear Son,

"I would love to plant my tomatoes in the garden this year, but I cannot manage the shovel and the soil is hard. If only you were here would I be able to plant my tomatoes.



A few days later, the father receives a reply from his son, which reads:

"Dear Papa,

"Whatever you do, don't dig up the garden. THAT'S WHERE I HID THE BODIES!!!


"Your son"

In the middle of the night, FBI agents with shovels and dogs dug up the garden, searching for any remnants, anything at all. Finding nothing, they disappeared as quickly as they came.

The very next day, the father received yet another letter from his son which read:


"That's the best I could do under the circumstances. Go ahead and plant your tomatoes.


"Your son"

Gabrielle said...

Nice work on such a tiny surface, it's harder to do than it looks.

I'm with you on the father's approach, geez some people like to complicate things, I'll bet the sons can't wait for the old bastard to finally kick off ;)