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Wednesday, September 06, 2006


The wife reports on her blog about a cool new google feature: Google Book Search. They now have "full copies of out-of-copyright books to read at your own pace." Good thing, as I'm a slow reader. Here's the official announcement.

Back to the wife, and the purpose of this post, is that she's decided to do an Aesop fable a day and give her take on it. The first one is already up, and is, I must say, a good read.

But that's not all: I've been a little lax on the art lately, what with the new job and all. I've been suffering a little bit of painter's block. To move that obstacle out of the way, I'm going to paint an aceo to go with each story. The first one will be "The Farmer And His Sons."

Stay tuned.

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NutmegNine said...

Somehow I just don't see the Belly Punker digging up vineyards. This should be veeery interesting.