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Sunday, September 10, 2006



Wolf wants to eat the dog sleeping outside the stable, dog wakes up and says I'm to skinny, come back after I've had a big feast. Wolf says true-dat, leaves and comes back later. The dog is on the roof, the wolf says "get down here, dinner!" and the dog says, "You can eat me if I'm sleeping where you can get me."

Aesop's Moral: Be like the dog and learn from your mistakes.

My moral: If your dinner is talking, you can bet he's going to lie to you. I'll ignore the odd animal choice here (as Iris
asks, why is a wolf wanting to eat a dog when there are probably chickens on the farm?), and point out the other side of the story. The wolf has mouths to feed, and now this poor cub will probably starve to death. Thanks, dog.

This is probably the only good argument against cannibalism: if your meal can talk to you, chances are he'll make excuses that will delay and perhaps deny you the calories you need to make it in this wolf-too-stupid-to-eat-dog world we live in.

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