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Sunday, September 03, 2006


Only about 1/3 of bunnies born live until the next breeding season. Ain't Mother Nature nice? This is what pops into my head when people extole the virtues of "natural" things. If it's not cruel, violent, and unfair, it's not natural.

Happy-Daisy (HD for short), our dog pictured here, was abandoned for whatever reason at a park in Reidsville. Mother Nature had tragic plans for her. She was picked up by a kind individual, who gave her to us. She has cost us a lot of money and time. And yet, we consider her a family member. Our most recent common ancestor was millions of years ago - how un-natural is that? HD does nothing to ensure our DNA gets to survive another generation. We just enjoy her company.

Anyway, HD, you're with us now. You're safe.


IdiotHead said...

Thanks for your comment. Funny-I noticed my player bears a resemblance to your profile picture.
I'm glad HD has found a happy, safe home. One difference I've found between pets and children is it's socially acceptable to leave your pets at home when you go out.

Jan said...

Hd is charming im so glad she is safe

Babe in the Woods said...

I could just hug you and your wife. We gave a home to an abused scottie 8 years ago. She has enriched our lives as HD has yours.

Thank you for caring.

That's a great picture of HD.


Gabrielle said...

Thank you for the heartwarming story. We rescued a little, older dog this April, it's been a joy to see him thrive and enjoy life once again.