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Tuesday, November 28, 2006


Sometimes, when I have painter's block, I just splat some paint on an aceo card. I then look for something paintable, sort of like finding images in clouds. This splat looked like a terrier-ish dog, so I "went for it," as some might say.

This one is a little on the "cute" side for me, I must admit. I know cute art is popular, but you must understand I have a reputation as a tough, manly, hard-nosed, toughy tough tough guy. At least, that's my reputation in whatever bizzarro world I live in. I can't go around, painting cutesy little doggies. The doggies ... er ... dogs I paint have to be fierce and maybe a little mangy.

What makes this dog listable for me is the expression - he's got a look that says "riiiight." to whatever nonsense you're trying to get him to do. Try it. Tell this dog to go fetch. His response? Riiiiight. He doesn't even bother looking at you. You: Shake paw, boy! Shake paw! Dog: Riiiiiight. You: Roll over, Rover! Dog: Sigh. My name isn't even Rover, moron.

What a rude dog.

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