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Monday, January 29, 2007


It was all I could do to not make some Commie/Red State Fusion statement. I wanted to paint Dubya with a Che tee-shirt. But I didn't.

I actually have two images, as I squirted out more red paint than intended. The first, good ol' Satan:

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I think I'll title this one INCREDULOUS CATTY SATAN (ed. woops - forgot what incredulous meant for a second there). He's looking at you like you've brought the wrong shoes to Hell.

Here's the other red-inspired painting:

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How about FREAKY SLEEPER for this one? Title suggestions welcome.

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Tony LaRocca said...

Reminds me of Heccubus, Man-Servant in Kids & The Hall's Pit of Ultimate Darkness sketches. "I serve you... annnnnd Satan!"

arvindh said...

cool! like the texture