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Wednesday, July 04, 2007


Today, I am proud to be American.

Congratulations, Joey.

LOOK! Pretty shiny things to buy @ NUTMEGNINE.COM!

And look here! Art to buy!

Need more wittyness and birdwatching excitement? Click this VERY SENTENCE.

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Cherie said...

Hey Josh, how ya doin?

Well, did you purchase the farm? Hope so! Looked the wife would love it too!

Your art is so astoundingly beautiful! You just keep getting better and better...very, very cool!

I'm just checkin out stuff tonight...places I haven't looked at in a while. Going to Nutmeg's in a minute.

Haven't been to group at eBay in a busy at that Zazzle place and now Greeting Card Universe...CafePress. Whew!

Hope all is well, happy day after 4th of July!