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Tuesday, June 05, 2007


I'm always showing the wife my progress as I work on an ACEO. It's nice to hear "Oh, look at that! Very nice!" and "That's going to sell for sure!" and "If you're finished, put your pens away before the dog chews on them and ruins the carpet." The thing is, it's important to make sure she knows WHICH aceo I'm working on before I show her. When I showed her the early stages of Atilla, she said "hmmm. Well, I guess I'm not really sure what he looks like."

Not the response I was expecting, I meekly reply, "Some dude named Priscus said he had a big head, small gray eyes, tanned skin, a flat nose, and a thin beard."

"Aren't there pictures of him like, winning races?" She asks.

Then it dawns on me - she thought I was showing her the ACEO of AJ Foyt I'm working on. That has to be the first time that mix-up happened.

"I didn't think Foyt was a Hun," she said.

Here's a closeup:

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Benoit said...

very nice drawing

Sandy said...

That is excellent, actually he looks much like my dad before he drawing...sandy