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Monday, October 02, 2006

I've been a bad blogger. A good school photographer, but a bad blogger. Here's the latest non-aceo stuff.

First, I worked on the jaundice man painting a bit.
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I decided he was at sea, mainly because I over-squirted the blues for a different painting.

Here's an art classmate's birdfeeder.
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She potteried it herself. I made up the environment in which it sits.

Red flowers, grown by another art classmate.
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I don't like the drapery it sits on; I was doing well with wrinkled fabrics recently. I must have taken it for granted. I like the flowers, though. And even though you can't really tell what it is, I like the way the stems look in the jar.

And my latest, a blatent Burchfield rip-off:
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I especially like the happy accident with the trees in the background. I'm going to play around with that style for a bit, I think.


whitebox weddings said...

I love the new jaundice man painting. Watercolors are my fav. I might have to commission a painting....maybe from a photograph. Do you ever paint from a photograph?

Also- I'm gonna take a new pic of you for your profile. You don't look very friendly. Better yet, you should take a shot of yourself "school portrait-style"!

See ya later!

harmoniousjosh said...

Hey, Mel.

I usually only paint from pictures if the subject involve balloons, but I could make an exception in your case.

I need the mean-looking picture to disguise my delicate soul. Arrrgh.